Tobacco Factory



Main Bar ~ Every Sunday ~ 2.30pm & 8pm

Showcasing some of the regions finest musicians every week.

Click here for detailed Live Music listings.

Green Room ~ Every Wednesday ~ 8pm

More than just a pub quiz!

1 per person / max 6 to a team

If you are unable to make it to Green Room
but are free on Monday's...

The Grain Barge has a quiz every Monday!

LIFE DRAWING see latest info on facebook or be inspired by the blog
Green Room ~ Every 1st and 3rd Monday ~ 8pm

5 per person / 4 student (NUS)

Please book directly with the Cafe/Bar manager

as there are a limited number of places per evening.

You'll need to bring your own drawing materials and paper/sketchbooks.

For more info email:

Second Thursday of every month ~ 8pm

If your New Years resolution was to do something worthwhile we are here to help make it happen. Join members of the Bristol Group of Amnesty International campaigning against human rights abuses by writing or signing letters focusing on a range of cases. Have a chat about various human rights issues and find out a bit more about Amnesty International. Whether you have 5 minutes or half an hour, you can help to make a difference.

For further information please contact Val on 07971 086511

Last Tuesday of every month ~ 8pm

Green Room ~ Last Monday of every month (except December) ~ 7.30pm

"Explore the latest ideas in science and technology in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, whilst quenching your thirst with the Tobacco Factory's finest beverages. Meetings are free and open to anyone with an interest in science and technology, subjects which have a profound impact on all of our everyday lives.
The format is simple: The invited speaker gives a short introduction to the evening's topic, we take a break for refreshments and pondering, followed by an hour of questions and discussion. Everyone is welcome to ask a question or make a comment, and this is a fantastic opportunity to debate and contemplate often-controversial issues with leading experts in their field.
Cafe topics cover a broad range of cutting-edge scientific research and ideas from different disciplines. You don't need to be a scientist to enjoy the evening! Just come with an open and enquiring mind (and some spare change for a drink)."

For more info and details of upcoming cafes click here.