Tobacco Factory

Key People

George Ferguson
Resident caretaker

To me the Tobacco Factory is home. It is the people who make the place, and what a crazy lot they are!

Sarah Ford
Venues Manager

Sarah is responsible for the Tobacco Factory Café Bar and Sunday Market, Grain Barge and Barley Mow.She initially joined forces with George in 2001 to set up the Tobacco Factory Café Bar and later took the Bristol Beer Factory’s Grain Barge and Barley Mow under her wing.In her spare time she is busy growing vegetables, off road running and enjoying family life.

Tim Myers
Facilities Manager

Tim is the Tobacco Factory's in-house construction nerd keeping the roof on and the walls up and making new buildings happen. In his spare time he digs his allotment, keeps bees and plays piano. He's happiest when calculating wall thicknesses and heat retention from thermal mass and has a degree and everything. As well as the Tobacco Factory he's got the Grain Barge, the Brewery Theatre, Brewery and Barley Mow to look after.

Anna Gilman
Senior Duty Manager
Anna also known to the staff as 'Annager' has been working at the Tobacco Factory since 2008. She is in charge of the day to day running of the cafe/bar and helping to organise the many large events that we have here.

After 5 years at art college and part time work in bars, she ultimately decided she always wanted to be an 'Annager' after working in the industry for over 10 years

David Pyne
Market, Events and Marketing Manager
David manages our weekly market, works with the team to put on our many events, and spreads the word about the Tobacco Factory as well as the Grain Barge and Barley Mow.

Kit McKenzie
Music & Promotion
Live music promoter, sound engineer, deejay, charango player, poster designer, painter, cyclist & traveller. Kit oversees everything "music" at both Tobacco Factory and Grain Barge as well as other venues around Bristol and Bath and is committed to providing the best musical adventures to the community.

Dave Bain
Art Curator & Design
As well as selecting exhibitions for the Main Bar, Green Room and Grain Barge, Dave Bain works as a freelance illustrator and designer. Click here to see his illustrations.

He also manages the Drawn in Bristol studio and plays records as Waxmouse.

Angie Nelmes
Head of Cleaning
Angie joined hands with Sarah as the first member of staff at the Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar in 2001 and we can proudly say that she is still with us today. She is responsible for keeping the high standards of cleaning we have come to expect.