Tobacco Factory


Graeme Robbins

4 - 28 January, Main Bar

Broken Portraits

Graeme has always been interested in the decay of objects, faded murals, aging tapestries and old newspapers.

On show will be series of painting reflecting this interest. Graeme starts by painting the whole portrait, background as well, and then when the painting is "finished" begins the long process of covering up and breaking down the image.


Break A Lead

2 - 25 February, Main Bar

Give Me Some Space
UWE Illustration showcase & fundraiser

OPENING NIGHT: Thursday 2 Feb, from 7.30pm
with Affordable prints / Original artwork / DJs / Cake sale

Our annual showcase of the incredible illustration work coming out of the third year illustrators at UWE. Explore over 50 artworks from tomorrow's image makers and creative thinkers.

Liane Stevenson

2 February - 21 March, The Snug

Liane studied Fine Art at Bristol Polytechnic, and has been working in a variety of media ever since. Her subject matter is taken mainly from the urban and rural landscape, but she also has a great interest in expressing the diversity of the natural world.

Working extensively in  collage, she explores the full range of that medium expressing the rhythms and patterns she is discovers in her subject matter. Liane also works in charcoal, oils and acrylics and has recently been experimenting with portraiture and working from the figure.


David Foord

22 March - 30 May, The Snug

Settle Down

Disquieting imagery and playful juxtapositions are what is to be expected from the work of David Foord. In his new show he presents a series of smaller works tackling themes of property, class and national identity.

David Foord is an artist who lives and works in Bristol. Graduating from Bath Spa University in 2013, David has exhibited work throughout Bristol and beyond.



Christmas group show

30 November - 29 December, Main Bar

We've invited seven of our favourite local artists to exhibit a selection of their more affordable artworks, perfect for Christmas gifts.

Exhibition artists are: Jim Munnion (pictured), Alce Harfield, Dandylion Jack, Citiviews, Stencil Shed, Cai Burton & Ella Rose.

Feathers & Fur

3 November - 29 December, The Snug

Walk along Bristol’s streets, through its parks – or even just out into your own garden. What animal life is there? Bristol writer Emily Koch has teamed up with ten local illustrators to capture the lives of the city’s living creatures.

Ten of her haikus – short, three-line poems – have been brought to life for this colourful exhibition, which Bristol artist Dave Bain helped to curate. From squirrels to robins, foxes to pet cats, butterflies to toads - there’s something for everyone.

Emily is an author and journalist. Her debut novel will be published in 2018 by Harvill Secker, an imprint of Penguin Random House. She runs regular Bristol writing workshops as part of WriteClub, which she co-founded.

Exhibition artists are: Amy Timms, Lindsay McDonagh, Laurie Stansfield, Rosanna Tasker, Dave Bain, Harriet Lee Merrion, Dawn Cooper, Sarah Dennis, Bett Norris and Anna Higgie.



31 October - 29 November, Main Bar

A series of work resulting from an assemblage of waste elements from the commercial graphics and signage production process.

Byproduct, print error and over production are at the source of Andy Ring's work that combines paint with vinyl cutouts.


3 - 29 October, Main Bar


Inspired by photographer Martin Parr and the British holiday Season.

Alex works as freelance illustrator and artist, taking on both small and large commissions. Many of her quirky, colourful designs can be seen across Bristol, including large scale commissions in the Triodos Bank, The Bristol Bike Project and The Playing Cards on the neighbours’ seven foot gates, inside The Birdcage, Bristol’s first coffee and vintage clothing boutique and the “Bunnies on Shutters” in Stokes Croft.



28 September - 2 November, The Snug

Karezona was born in a tiny village located on the West side of East Europe. Her papers state that she is Polish, but she feels more a child of the globe.

Zenit – A Soviet film camera; her first one. And so, her lifelong study of light began. Her artwork is about movement. For the artist, “now” almost doesn’t exist. ‘The moment you begin to think about “now”, it has already become yesterday’s dream’. Let’s move the art. Let’s drag the image, time, and colour; together with the human body.

There has been no digital manipulation; it is a concept of layers: layers of light, movement, painting and print. Her work demonstrates the progress of her research into expressing the language of paint through the medium of photography.

Don't try to analyse or describe - simply enjoy what you experience in the moment. For Karezona, the emotion evoked in the beholder is what completes the image.



5 September - 2 October, Main Bar

Travel inspired paintings (2015-2016)

Mary Price said, "I love travelling and this series is inspired by random wandering around narrow streets in cities in Spain and Portugal.

"My paintings are intuitive, imaginary and impulsive. I paint without a plan in a kind of free form flow that allows experience soak up followed by transfer. My work unfolds in response to the way the paint layers build up on the canvas and imagery is superimposed as memories and imagination combine."



3 August - 27 September, The Snug

A contemporary celebration of iconic imagery of the tobacco industry

Deep in the heart of the M-shed stores, over 70 Lithographic stones have been stored, gathering a nice layer of dust and slowly disintegrating beyond recognition. These time forgotten stones, discovered in the blitzed basement of the Mardons printing house were once used to mass-produce the images from W.D and H.O Wills tobacco. A previous collaboration of two pillars of the Bristol history, producers of classic images well-known to this day.

The project brings these iconic prints into a contemporary setting. By inviting practicing artists, tech-companies, design-houses, illustrators and printmakers, to respond to the original images it will open doors into new developments in design. The influence of modern technology and contemporary styles will give a fresh face to the timeless pieces. They will come together in one multi-disciplinary, multi-facited exhibition, set where it all began..... The Tobacco Factory.



3 August - 4 September, Main Bar

“I paint what I never allowed myself to be”

Unable to choose between a monastic life and one “treading the boards”, Rachael Cawley selected tutelage as her chosen vocation, teaching art in schools and colleges for nearly forty years.

In 2007 she completed an M.A at Bristol studying Gothic Aesthetics and the illumination of narrative through layers of pattern and jeweled colours in both paint and thread. This body of research altered her work from abstract forms symbolizing strategy and positioning to figurative imagery with both horticultural and historical referencing.

Complex interwoven patterns loom through form, emerging into the light from the surrounding darkness only to fade once more. They are both decorative and transient…a visual history. Recently retired and living in semi seclusion in southwest England, she plansto “potter, paint, plant and plot” whilst studying Medieval History.



18 - 31 July, Main Bar & The Snug

Europe's largest Street Art and Graffiti Festival.

Festival weekend: Saturday 23 - Monday 25 July

Explore the festival around Tobacco Factory's Upfest hub over the weekend. Upfest artwork on display throughout the whole month of July in our Main Bar and The Snug.



5 - 17 July, Main Bar


Opening night and signing on 5 July, 7-9pm.

In the run up to Upfest, get in early and check out the work of local lad and mutant love child of the hip hop and skate scenes, Cheo.



1 June - 16 July, The Snug

Paula Román is a Bristol based artist originally from Andalusia, Spain. Her portraits employ vivid colours and are sweet and tinged with innocence. A mixture of illustration and “lowbrow” works, they transform the ingenuity of infant nature with a touch of humour and a hint of darkness.

Enter into Paulosky's World and explore the gleeful, sometimes impish, and occasionally with the odd dose of sarcastic commentary. It is figurative art, rooted in animation and in opposition to contemporary art conceptualism.

Each artwork comes as a limited edition print, signed and numbered on archival watercolour paper.



30 May - 3 July, Main Bar

Menna Angharad studied art at Byam Shaw and at UWIC, Cardiff. She currently lives and works in mid Wales.

Most of the work originates from still life, the pillow and cloth paintings contemplate absence and presence.
A pillow beckons with tempting promises of sweet repose yet the looming darkness it inhabits is void-like; a black hole, oblivion from which there may be no return. The cloth and clothing paintings consider both formal materiality and inherent cultural associations.



20 April - 31 May, The Snug

Mental illness affects 1 in 4 people. Illustrators and artists share display their take on what brings them down and what brings them back up.

Come and explore an exhibition, on and around the shelves in The Snug, filled with little things to make you feel safe, and maybe some things that will make you squirm a little.

Profits from the show will be donated to Rethink Mental Illness.

The Sad Ghost Club / Graham Johnson / Liam Barrett / Clare Owen / Bethan Mure / Sophie Burrows / Bett Norris / Rox Butler / Tabitha Panter / Robbie Cathro / Sarah Burgess



2 - 29 May, Main Bar

The local art trail returns and we play host to some of the area's talented creatives, including:

Mike Rome
OSHE Design
Mary Price
Sarah Davis
Falle Batch
3rd Eye



2 - 30 April, Main Bar

Lady Strong's Bonfire presents The Bed

'Our Bed knows us best of all. It is holder of our dreams, comforter of our tears. It soaks up our blood, our sweat, and caresses us in the heat of our passions. It confines us. Heals us. Welcomes us when we arrive, and is the last to say goodbye to us when we leave. Here we are all naked. The Bed sees through all our disguises.'

Tomasin Cuthbert trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, and is a Theatre Maker, Performer and Fine Artist. In her first solo exhibition at The Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar, her paintings explore the themes present in Lady Strong's Bonfire's new show, opening this May at The Wardrobe Theatre.

The Bed is the journey of a woman and is a celebration of some of the most potent times in her life. The times of changeover. Her gateway times from One to Other. Investigating the inner world of the Feminine, we don our animalistic disguises, and journey from domesticity, into the landscapes of the dream world.