Tobacco Factory



3 October - 2 November, Main Bar

Fall down the monster rabbit hole into a dream like dimension where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries. His army of psychedelic characters playfully disorientate you to a place that oozes a twisted harmony and Zen. Influenced heavily by music of a rock era gone by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin & The Rolling Stones. Taking the viewer on a trippy ride of banjo playing, guitar strumming, monster drumming feel good absurdity.

Loch Ness unveils new solo work and original collaborations with Cheba, Dave Bain, Jonathan Ball, Lauren YS, Mr Penfold, Muxxi, Oli Timmins, Oliver Hibert, Paul Monsters, Seb Niark, Sepr & 3Dom, Spzero76 & Bill Giles and Steven Silverwood.

Katy Christianson

10 September - 29 October, The Snug

Our first exhibition in The Snug, our newly revamped room, off our Main Bar.

Katy is an illustrator living and working in Bristol. She produces mostly black and white, very detailed images, and is inspired by mountains, crowded cities and the night sky.

She loves to work just with a rotring pen and some blank paper and nothing else, but is beginning to experiment with colour and is devoted to screen printing.



3 - 30 November, Main Bar


Catherine principally focuses on intricate pencil drawings based on subjects reflecting peoples' activities and existence.

In this exhibition Catherine explores belonging and belongings. We are surrounded by possessions: our own, those of others, those shared. Possession imparts uniqueness to what may otherwise be commonplace. Ownership and use leads to gradual change. Wear and tear, damage, repair and alteration develop identity and reflect a history. Aura may pervade: qualities of perhaps known users, locations and times past can draw the observer to a special closeness and reflectiveness.


Dave Bain & Laura Wady

30 October - 30 December, The Snug

Knock Knock

Drawing on memories of the games, costumes and limitless imagination of childhood, Bristol artists Dave Bain and Laura Wady come together to present a unique exhibition of magical and bewitching paintings.

Each character started life with one artist and was completed by the other, resulting in a truly collaborative project that is full of unexpected moments and playful freedom.

The intimate setting of Tobacco Factory’s recently revamped side-room ‘The Snug’ provides the perfect back-drop to what is an intriguing set of images, full of detail and mystery, with story-like details that will surprise and shock.

View / Dave Bain
View / Laura Wady

Opening night
30 Oct, from 7pm: View

Suzanne Partridge

5 - 31 January, Main Bar

My pan it boileth over

Paradoxically, chaos is the one stable constant of Suzanne Partridge's work. Within the often unnerving whorls of disjointed and deconstructed images, there is flux and conflict; death and rebirth vie for space in landscapes of macabre beauty - the million little deaths and new beginnings of a decadent consumer society and the teeming frail billions trapped within it.

Whatever the subject, the contingent nature of an ever-changing world is at the heart of Partridge's assessment of it; it is a violent collision between the individual and the ineluctable unseen forces of the wider world that compels her - and our - attention. Everything is malleable, unstable, and subject to rapid and painful transformation on a personal, political, or cosmic level; a Partridge picture can capture the experience of hearing a news broadcast about a terrorist atrocity or seeing a pan boiling over, and show us that both are - on some level - the same thing.

However unsettling her message is, though, its bleakness is never quite outweighed by the inspiration gained from realising that there are still people in the world who can address these ugly truths so unflinchingly and without compromise.
words: Silver Fox


George Mckenna

1 - 28 Sept, Main Bar

An artist driven by colour and light, George McKenna presents a collection of paintings on the theme of reflection. There is a clear passion for the process of painting that runs through his artwork, with bold brush strokes applied impasto, with a sculptural energy. Each canvas evolves under McKenna’s keen skills as an observational artist, particularly with this series of searching work, as he discovers the patterns and trends of the reflected world.

Not one to get caught up in complexity, McKenna’s work is a glorious and unrestrained simplification of nature, paired down to the essential. Evoking the strength and beauty of nature, in all its vibrancy and colour, each artwork is a wonder in its own right.


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