Tobacco Factory



1 - 23 June, Main Bar

Solly is a Bristol based portraiture artist whose work is inspired from her background in theatre. Inspired by the emotive qualities and brutal honesty of portraiture, her work currently focuses on themes of disguise, capturing a sense of beauty with a dark edge, a hint of unease, of strong female figures with a mask to hide behind.

Joe Greenaway, born in 1987 is a St Ives based artist. His work is a collision between 'fine' art and 'street' techniques, blending the spontaneous use of a spray can with meticulous process of painted portraiture.

View / Solly Solomon
View / Joe Greenaway


3 June - 18 July, The Snug

As one of Bristol's most prolific illustrators Alex's quirky and humorous designs can be seen across the city, including many large scale murals as well as on Bristol Pound's £5 note.

Alex graduated with a degree in Multi-Media Textile design and an MA in Animation and illustration and realising the therapeutic benefits of art, went on to obtain an MA in Art Therapy. She organises community events such as Picton Street Winter and Summer fayres, encouraging neighbours to get together and has also set up The Little Shop in Stokes Croft.



24 June - 18 July, Main Bar

After studying fine art at Plymouth University, I have recently completed a MA in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE.  My practice has focused on various processes, including relief printing and screen printing. 

The work is inspired by films, such as Lars Von Trier’s Element of Crime and Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner and explores themes of reality, illusion and distortion in a world seen increasingly through television and computer screens.

Some of the prints derive from models I have built, based on the sets of films and which have been photographed and re-photographed from laptop screens.  The flaws and traits occurring as a result of the various technologies and processes are important in the work, as are the hand-rendered methods used to create the prints.



20 July - 23 August

Upfest 2015, Europe’s largest, free, street art & graffiti festival, attracting over 250 artists painting 28 venues throughout Bedminster & Southville, Bristol from 25th – 27th July. Talented artists travel from 25 countries and across the UK to paint live on 30,000sqft of surfaces in front of 25,000 visitors. The affordable art sale, music stages and art workshops round off a visually spectacular weekend!

The original and largest Upfest venue, Tobacco Factory, will feature multiple music and painting areas plus art sales, urban clothing & food market.

Travelling to Bristol? Meet your friends here, the perfect base to explore the festival from.



24 August - 27 September, Main Bar

Seven of Bristol's finest photographers have been challenged to produce an image specifically for this exhibition to mark Bristol’s Green Capital of Europe award.

The brief was broad and simple;  that all the images must be of Bristol and incorporate a (non motorised) wheel or shape of a wheel.

Each of the photographers have focused on different subjects with their own particular style of photography. Kate Westaway is one of the world’s most accomplished underwater photographers, Mark Billington (photo credit) specialises in portraiture, architecture and interiors and Zoe Mack, ARPS is a travel, portrait and wedding photographer.  Others taking part are wildlife and landscape photographer Jody Fairish, fine art photographer Dave Whitecliff, conceptual photographer Sam Green and landscape photographer Unai Pena.


28 September - 25 October, Main Bar

Molly Goldwater draws on the scale and rollering techniques of previous paintings and adds an aesthetic developed through her recent MA using screen and mono-print, to create a series of bold, striking canvases titled ‘Playing at print'.

Goldwater stresses the juxtaposition and interplay between varying materials, speeds of application and fields of colour. Some areas meditated, whole and solid - others impulsive, washy, awkward. The repeated shapes and gestures of line become an alphabet which explore the contrasts between these varying elements.

A Bristol based painter and printmaker, Molly has completed a BA in Painting and a Masters in Multidisciplinary Printmaking.



26 October - 29 November, Main Bar


With the theme of light so closely linked to colour, Emilia Mildmay's new exhibition draws inspiration from everyday objects and design and neatly brings all of these facets together in a series of strikingly bold paintings.

Using three colours to create an image, she not only contrasts the ways the colours respond to each other, but also highlights the fascinating concept of colour itself.



Sean Milne

22 April - 2 June, The Snug

A professional artist and illustrator specialising in natural history, Sean works predominantly in watercolour. He is inspired by the nature surrounding the studio which he built in the Welsh Cambrian Mountains 35 years ago.

Sean's most recent work contrasts the beauty of birds and insects with the rustic surrounds of aging, isolated farm buildings. His pieces explore the way in which nature moves in to reclaim forgotten buildings and make them her own again, using her own building materials of mosses, fern and lichen, providing new habitats for wildlife.

Sean studied at Hornsey College of Art, London and has lived and worked in rural Mid Wales for over 35 years. His career as a wildlife artist and natural history illustrator spans over forty years.


Southbank Bristol Arts Trail 2015

4 - 31 May, Main Bar

‘One of the oldest, biggest and best Art Trails that have sprung up around town’ Bristol Post 2014

We are a trail venue for this year's Southbank Bristol Arts Trail, held on weekend 17 & 18 May and host a selection of exciting creative talent throughout the whole month, as well as the weekend in question.

Exhibiting in our Main Bar space will be:
Stephen Quick, Mike Rome, OShe Design & Jim Munnion.

Liane Stevenson

30 March - 2 May, Main Bar

Inspired by the rhythms and patterns in the urban landscape the paintings of Liane Stevenson aim to represent an individual sense of place, explored through line and texture.

A clear love of our surrounding landscape shines through in her textural artworks, as well as her knowledge of the use of media to represent them.

Kerry Day

25 February - 21 April, The Snug

Kerry enjoys the process of celebrating form through mixed media; building up a body of bright and bold work using the reduction linocut method, screen printing and painting.
Her figurative works celebrate the human form, the line and shape of a limb, the curve of the back, and in particular the interplay of light and shade. Drawing and painting are still an important part of Kerry’s practice, but printmaking holds a fascination for her.

“I can lose myself in the intensity and precision of the linocut process and the recognition that the piece is not finished until I cut that final line. I find screen printing offers a livelier, painterly feel, and, though time consuming; the methodical layering of colour and tone is immensely enjoyable.”

Recently she finds herself moving on from people to plants. Inspiration has come from the many cacti and plants she shares her home and studio with – the strong profiles of her spiky friends and the marvellously named Elephant Ear plant. Like many artists before her, she is fascinated by the shapes and contours of leaves, and the joy of discovering new patterns within the vibrant green foliage.


Neill Fuller

2 - 28 March, Main Bar

Neill Fuller’s still life paintings, utilise a cast of objects that have both an autobiographical and collective resonance.

They examine an object’s ability or attempts to successfully and unsuccessfully represent or ape something from the real world, seeking-out both the mass-produced and the handmade, the unsophisticated and the seemingly faithful replica.

In some works, disparate objects are brought together like props to construct new, ‘jerry-built’ versions of other objects or spaces – a pinball machine, a temple, a jetty.

Although conservatively still life in conception and resolutely studio-based, the choice of subject matter and neutral stage-like setting allows allusion to external spaces where other illusory, fictional or escapist experiences occur – the fairground, the playground, the world of the scaled down model.


Break a Lead presents...

5 - 28 February, Main Bar

Not all those who wander are lost...

An exhibition of brand new work from Bristol UWE illustration students.



7 January - 24 February, The Snug

Lindsay McDonagh presents a collection of original watercolour paintings, the theme of which centres around a selection of animal studies. Lindsay successfully captures the translucent quality of the paint and also the colour, texture and form of animals she depicts to remarkable effect.

Lindsay McDonagh has trained in diverse areas of art and design. After taking Art Foundation Studies at the University of Central England Birmingham, Lindsay went on to achieve a BA (Hons) in Interior Architecture at Nottingham Trent University. Following her graduation in 2005 she gained a Master of Arts from Kingston University, London.

As a member of the 'Drawn in Bristol' collective, Lindsay works out of her art studio in Hamilton House located in Stokes Croft. She has exhibited artwork at various venues around Bristol, Bath and Devon, including The Royal West of England Academy of Arts autumn open exhibition. Lindsay has recently had her design work published by an American greeting cards company, Calypso Cards.


Suzanne Partridge

5 - 31 January, Main Bar

Paradoxically, chaos is the one stable constant of Suzanne Partridge's work. Within the often unnerving whorls of disjointed and deconstructed images, there is flux and conflict; death and rebirth vie for space in landscapes of macabre beauty - the million little deaths and new beginnings of a decadent consumer society and the teeming frail billions trapped within it.

Whatever the subject, the contingent nature of an ever-changing world is at the heart of Partridge's assessment of it; it is a violent collision between the individual and the ineluctable unseen forces of the wider world that compels her - and our - attention. Everything is malleable, unstable, and subject to rapid and painful transformation on a personal, political, or cosmic level; a Partridge picture can capture the experience of hearing a news broadcast about a terrorist atrocity or seeing a pan boiling over, and show us that both are - on some level - the same thing.

However unsettling her message is, though, its bleakness is never quite outweighed by the inspiration gained from realising that there are still people in the world who can address these ugly truths so unflinchingly and without compromise.
words: Silver Fox

Dave Bain & Laura Wady

30 October - 29 December, The Snug

Knock Knock

Drawing on memories of the games, costumes and limitless imagination of childhood, Bristol artists Dave Bain and Laura Wady come together to present a unique exhibition of magical and bewitching paintings.

Each character started life with one artist and was completed by the other, resulting in a truly collaborative project that is full of unexpected moments and playful freedom.

The intimate setting of Tobacco Factory’s recently revamped side-room ‘The Snug’ provides the perfect back-drop to what is an intrig