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28 July - 31 August

Alice Corder is inspired by story telling, particularly superstitions, traditions and passed down wisdoms. Working in a mixed media of painting, drawing and vintage print she visually re-interprets these old stories and proverbs.

Jess Quinn trained as a painter at Glasgow School of Art. She works in a variety of mediums combining 'high' and 'low' art, working with textiles, embroidery, knitting and colour that are historically associated with craft and women's work/ pastimes plus an interest in early cartoons, advertisement's, cheap plastic toys, movies, manga and animation. Childhood and toys are constant themes, with the darker side of fairy tales being of particular interest.

Daniel Barnard lives in St Ives and works at the St Ives school of painting.
He also works from his studio in Newlyn. Reclaiming, empowering, reinventing that which is thought to be disposable, not wanted, unsound or not deemed worthy. Whether that is physically or psychologically.

View / Alice Corder
View / Jess Quinn
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George Mckenna

1 - 28 Sept, Main Bar

An artist driven by colour and light, George McKenna presents a collection of paintings on the theme of reflection. There is a clear passion for the process of painting that runs through his artwork, with bold brush strokes applied impasto, with a sculptural energy. Each canvas evolves under McKenna’s keen skills as an observational artist, particularly with this series of searching work, as he discovers the patterns and trends of the reflected world.

Not one to get caught up in complexity, McKenna’s work is a glorious and unrestrained simplification of nature, paired down to the essential. Evoking the strength and beauty of nature, in all its vibrancy and colour, each artwork is a wonder in its own right.



29 September - 2 November, Main Bar

Fall down the monster rabbit hole into a dream like dimension where anything is possible and colour has no boundaries. His army of psychedelic characters playfully disorientate you to a place that oozes a twisted harmony and Zen. Influenced heavily by music of a rock era gone by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin & The Rolling Stones. Taking the viewer on a trippy ride of banjo playing, guitar strumming, monster drumming feel good absurdity.

Come join us for an Exhibition of new Solo work by Loch Ness but also featuring original collaborations from Cheba, Dave Bain, Fun Skull, Jonathan Ball, Mr Penfold, Oliver Hibert, Oli Timmins,Paul Monsters, Sepr & 3Dom, Steve Silverwood, Spzero76 & Bill Giles, Tom J Newell and more to be confirmed.


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30 June - 27 July, Main Bar

Idiom Massive
An exhibition of seven ‘new things to look at and think about’ by Bristol based painter and installation artist Tom Johnson. Drawings, patterns and grids are cut into wood or laser copies and old etchings are tacked to paper and framed to tell new stories. The glue that holds it all together is not only visible, it’s part of the meaning. Tom is also a member of the collaborative art practice MadeScapes ^. View

SOPHIE RAE 2 - 29 June, Main Bar

Always inspired by new places, cultures and beautiful scenery, Sophie had an itch to go to India. When she was accepted as Artist in Residence at Chhaap Printmaking Studios in Gujurat, she decided she would explore the country first, before spending a month creating a series of new prints, inspired by the places she had been. The colours and textures in the monoprints are built up in layers of ink which she applies using a roller. The sharp shapes are achieved by using stencils of paper which she cuts using a craft knife following the lines of her initial sketch. Her technique lends itself really well to capturing the landscape of India, the rich colours and varying tones. View

SBA TRAIL 2014 17 May - 1 June, Main Bar

Artists exhibiting are:
Mike Rome, Emilia Mildmay, OSHE, Stephen Quick & Katharina Nyilas.

AUCTION FOR LOGAN 28 April - 16 May, Main Bar & Green Room

We showcase an incredible selection of street art around our Cafe Bar in the run up to one of the biggest charity art auctions Bristol has ever seen. Raising money for various causes, full details on the dedicated Facebook page, the auction will take place in Tobacco Factory Theatre on 18 May, from 3pm. Before that date you can browse, at your leisure, the many artworks donated by the cream of the UK's street art talent, including local legends, Inkie, Acer, Loch Ness and Paul Monsters to name but a few. View

CORDELIA HUTCHISON 31 March - 27 April, Main Bar

Cordelia Hutchison will be showing an exciting collection of new oil paintings inspired by everyday subjects often with interesting colours and textures and contrasts of bright and muted tones. Cordelia is a History of Art Graduate but has always had a passion for fine art. During her degree at Bristol University she had the opportunity to study both History of Art and Fine Art in Florence. Studying in Florence at the Charles Cecil School of Fine art was a chance for Cordelia to learn some of the old Atelier techniques and study in depth from the life model. Cordelia’s work has been shown at the Mall Gallery in London, the Affordable Art fairs in both London and Bristol and Harvey Nicholls, Bristol.


TANIA SCHMIEDER / JON MANN 31 March - 27 April, Green Room

An exhibition of intricate drawings by Jon Mann and still life oil paintings by Tania Schmieder. Both artists are self-taught and produce work which shows evidence of much patience and accuracy - they compliment each other perfectly.

View / Tania Schmieder View / Jon Mann

FRANCES GARD 3 - 30 March, Main Bar
Francis Gard presents a collection of photographs aiming to show figures in the slightly abstract. Changing the orientation of the viewpoint to being underwater has powerfully aided this distortion of the human form.

Working in her local swimming pool, Francis has played on the effects of water on the body. She balances the weightlessness of swimming with the unusual poses that can be achieved in such an environment. Viewing her composed photographs may result in a lingering sensation of mystery, requiring more than the casual glance to work out the puzzle.