Tobacco Factory

Cafe Bar

Opening hours
Sun-Thurs: 10am-11pm / Fri-Sat: 10am-12am

Food served from
Mon-Thurs: 10am-3pm & 5.30-9pm / Fri: 10am-3pm & 5.30-9.30pm / Sat: 10am-9.30pm / Sun: 10am-8.30pm

Drink, eat, meet

The Tobacco Factory is widely regarded as one of the most important hubs for the Bedminster and Southville communities. The solid, industrial interior of the large, contemporary Cafe Bar reflects the building's history, and together with the music and lighting and its young friendly staff, it has a great, welcoming atmosphere where nobody feels out of place. The honest, open kitchen serves healthy Mediterranean inspired food.

We also have two outdoor areas - the covered Terrace and the open air Yard - which gets the afternoon sun in the summer. The outdoor bar on the Terrace is open for special events in the summer months.

Regular events / Live music listings / Exhibitions

'Strike a light for Independents!' WHY?

The Tobacco Factory was saved for a purpose that goes far beyond just saving the building. The vision was one of reviving the heart of the community with something very different to the industry that created it, with a rich mix of cultural activities, creative industries, learning and living. It is an experiment that seems to be working, and we need the continuing support of the local community to sustain the recovery that it has generated and to make sure that the healthy social and cultural mix of the area is maintained and reinforced.

An important part of the vision is one of supporting independent businesses as opposed to the 'anywhere' chains and multiples that crop up all over Bristol and elsewhere. It is the independent locally managed businesses and shops that give the variety and character that makes a place special and ensures that much of the wealth is recycled. Every business in the Tobacco Factory, including the Cafe Bar and the nearby Bristol Beer Factory is local and independent and it is hoped that North Street can also resist the excessive incursion of national outlets.

'Strike a light for Independents' is the Tobacco Factory's contribution to a growing campaign to give some planning and fiscal encouragement to independent businesses to resist the march of the multiples. When you have the choice, vote for the 'independents' by frequenting those truly local shops and businesses - they are part of this very special community. On our part we shall only let space to independent businesses and organisations and, where possible, give our custom to local contractors and suppliers. It makes us feel good - we hope it does you too!